"A really penetrating and intense look at a certain group of powerful people in a small country. Soon is a wonderful novel, one that puts Charlotte Grimshaw up there with Ian McEwan."

– Dan Franklin, Publisher, Jonathan Cape UK

 "Full of delicious political and social satire " - The Daily Mail UK  

"A truly riveting novel" - The Globe and Mail, Canada

During the long summer holiday, the Lampton and Hallwright families gather in a large beach house belonging to Prime Minister David Hallwright and his wife Roza. The weather is perfect and outwardly all is well, but the harmony is disturbed when Simon Lampton's brother arrives for a visit. Ford casts a cold eye over the company, barely disguising his contempt for David Hallwright. To add to Simon's discomfort a young man called Arthur Weeks makes contact, wanting to question Simon about his secret past affair, and Roza begins to tell her and David's small son Johnnie a continuous story about a group of fantasy creatures – a story that contains uncomfortable parallels with their current lives.

When Simon agrees to meet secretly with Arthur Weeks, the result will threaten the security of them all.

Charlotte Grimshaw's exhilaratingly gripping and clever narrative traces the lives of its beautiful people – "moral imbeciles" in Ford's words – as they jostle for position in their leader's court. This humane and capacious novel, generous and faithful to its characters in ways that they are not to each other, articulates the ancient idea that to be moral is an act of consciousness, an effort of will.

 "You shouldn't get the impression that Soon is simply political satire, with names changed to keep readers guessing, or a send-up of middle-class mores. Grimshaw is going deeper... Suddenly Soon's almost a thriller, going places that you didn't expect - a thriller with real ethical weight. A thriller that sets up - just as The Night Book did - one hell of a cliffhanger ending." Philip Matthews, Metro Magazine

Soon was published in New Zealand in October 2012 by Random House NZ, in the UK by Jonathan Cape in July 2013 and by Anansi in Canada in October 2013