Starlight Peninsula





The latest enthralling novel from the author of The Night Book and Soon.

"The other thrill of these books, and Starlight Peninsula in particular, is the craft of their storytelling." 

- Metro Magazine 

"Starlight Peninsula is at its best when it makes its reader uneasy; it is discomforting, often challenging and always brilliant. - New Zealand Listener

"...her prose sparkles. Stunning." - Dominion Post Weekend

 "Charlotte Grimshaw's mind is a delightful thing. Her ability to seamlessly develop minor characters from prior novels and re-imagine real life events is brilliantly evident in this companion novel to Soon." - Australian Women's Weekly Book of the Month

Eloise Hay lives on the Starlight Peninsula. Every weekday she travels into the city to work at Q TV studio, assisting with the production of the weekly news show, Roysmith. One night she receives a phone call that will change her life forever.

Thrown into the turmoil of a sudden marriage break-up, Eloise begins to perceive that a layer of the world has been hidden from her. Seeking answers, she revisits a traumatic episode from her past, and in doing so encounters an odd-eyed policewoman, a charismatic obstetrician, a German psychotherapist, and a flamboyant internet pirate wanted by the United States government. Each of these characters will reveal something about the life of Eloise Hay, answering questions she hasn't, until now, had the courage to ask.

Tracing the lines that run through our society, from the interior life of one lonely young woman to the top tier of power in the country, Charlotte Grimshaw's powerful novel demonstrates how little separates us and how close we really are: rich and poor, famous and hidden, virtuous and criminal.

"Watching events unfold in Starlight Peninsula from both inside and outside [Eloise's] understanding is an extremely exciting experience. Her real-time reflections of Simon Lampton as they discuss the death of Eloise's ex-partner provided me with some of the most thrilling and nail-biting reading I've done."

- Pip Adam, Metro Magazine 

"Once again, Grimshaw has skilfully tackled this difficult genre to produce a well-crafted, intriguing story with expertly developed characters, beautifully described landmarks and cultural references Kiwis will easily recognise."

- Australian Womens Weekly 

"Beguiling... Every character is like a small perfect portrait, and the absolutely stunning writing creates an atmosphere of dreamy mystery." - Herald on Sunday