The Bad Seed

The-Bad-Seed-Cover"There is no denying that Charlotte Grimshaw deserves her place amongst the top New Zealand writers of fiction. Her writing is sparse: words are not wasted. Characters are deftly penned and well-defined: each one can be imagined, liked or disliked. Settings are vividly described often in poetic imagery"


- Booksellers New Zealand


"A tightly plotted, incisive depiction of the corrosive effects of power." – US Publishers' Weekly
"A truly riveting novel." The Globe and Mail, Canada
"A stunning achievement." The Vancouver Sun
"Soon is a sly, masterly novel." - Malcolm Forbes, The Literary Review UK
"An efficient, coolly poetic tale of Auckland's glitterati...darkly comic...paced like a classy thriller, it slips down as easily as the Hallwrights' dirty gin cocktails." The List UK
"One of the ten best reads for summer." Red Magazine UK
"You shouldn't get the impression that Soon is simply political satire... Grimshaw is going deeper... Soon's almost a thriller, going places that you didn't expect - a thriller with real ethical weight. - Philip Matthews, Metro
"Full of delicious political and social satire." The Daily Mail UK
"Soon is incisive, clever, wickedly funny and political...a must read for all of us at this time." - Stephanie Johnson in The NZ Listener
"A superb New Zealand novel - Grimshaw's bold and biting satire on the present political situation in New Zealand. She dares to examine the lives of the beautiful, privileged people of our society and challenge their attitudes and values. Exhilarating!" - The Herald on Sunday
"A novel about class and aspiration in contemporary Auckland, Soon shifts gears and becomes a gripping thriller. Its behind-the-scenes views of fictional National Party mandarins on holiday feels both hilarious and terrifyingly accurate." Dominion Post Best Books of 2012
"Charlotte Grimshaw's star has never glowed brighter.... ingenious, lively, provocative." Landfall