mazarine-cover"Grimshaw's focus is always on the psychology of her characters and the societies they inhabit.... Grimshaw goes much further than simply dissecting an unreliable narrator. By various cunnning strategies, she raises the whole question of how well we can really know other people, and how much our perceptions of them are simply so many 'fictions.'" - Sunday Star-Times


" Despite its mystery story structure, Mazarine is more a character study, a commentary on the way identity is constructed and a critique of the art of writing fiction itself. It is however, the thread of the mystery story that will probably keep most readers turning the pages."  - Reid's Reader


"Mazarine is hugely compelling and beautifully written"  - Jane Parkin



"Grimshaw's novels always deliver tension, intrigue, drama. Her stories are contemporary...and packed with plot. Serious doesn't mean po-faced though. Mazarine bristles with life and is full of sensations, humour, rippling interchanges and sudden poetry... It comments on society, not gauchely, but in passing glances and subtle asides. Grimshaw cares about the world we live in and asks us to care, too."  - The New Zealand Listener


"Reading Charlotte Grimshaw is always a huge delight, sinking as she does into a place of implication, indirectness and suggestions of the sinister. With her multiple storylines and layers, as well as the intensity and paranoia of her characters, Grimshaw's work often strays into David Lynch-type territory... Mazarine ups the psychological layers of content into an extremely confusing place, where characters and their motivations are contradictory, unsure and yet persistent....Doctorow's epigraph states that every time a writer composes a book, their composition of themselves is at stake...Grimshaw is always unnerving as she digs into what it might be to lose someone else, or even to lose oneself." -  The Otago Daily Times


"At once domestic drama, psychological thriller - underscored with a buzzing note of menace about global terrorism and the surveillance state - and a sort of sensual coming-of-age tale, Grimshaw picks and chooses which tropes from each style to use and which to let lie. It's a brilliant and disconcerting strategy....The story is always fleshed out by Grimshaw's sensory and finely detailed sketches of people and place....whether her writing is prophetic or she's just really quick on the draw at spinning it into her novels, the parallels between the politics of her characters' personal lives and the politics playing out on a global scale is where Grimshaw's genius lies. There is much justified love for the New Zealand political satire of her earlier novels, along with their familiar cast of recurring characters, but by flinging Mazarine's cast onto the world stage, she forces them into confrontation with our current preoccupations: tyrants around the dinner table and in parliament, fake news inside our heads and out - trying to figure out who we should be in a world where truth and reality seem less certain than ever before. "  - Charlotte Graham-McLay The Spinoff


"There's an air of ambiguous menace right from the start of Mazarine. More worrying than the chance encounter, Frances's daughter, Maya, travelling on the other side of the globe, has lost contact with her mother. The increasingly lengthy silence becomes increasingly worrying for Frances... In her customary deft prose, Grimshaw unspools this dryly ironic tale of international connections and the threads that bind us all through the intimate labyrinth the world has become. The themes weave in and out of the action seamlessly..." - North & South 



"In an era where ‘fake’ news creates a sense of ongoing insecurity about what’s real and what isn’t, Grimshaw exploits this by having, at the core of her novel, not only a novel-writing narrator who is unreliable, but a semi-intrusive author. . . . Grimshaw is playing with what literature can and cannot do. She is reminding us that fiction is always a lie, a story told that asks you to suspend disbelief. . . . I was left marvelling, not only at Grimshaw’s ferocious talent, but at her gall, her audaciousness, her mischievous ability to play with a reader’s expectations of fiction. Nothing is set up that can’t be kicked sideways. Paradox, smoke and mirrors, equivocation: things are not what they seem. And there’s always that feeling that there’s a sly joke at the heart of it. . . . This is an intensely readable, indeed engrossing, very filmic novel. It’s very likely to be prize-winning…. While its message is that we’re living in times of great chaos, the novel mirroring this exists as a terrifying, memorable whole. I ended it feeling like a pathetic, panting puppy, my brain an unwelcome tangle. I applaud someone with the talent of the redoubtable Grimshaw, playing in a most timely manner with what is fiction and what isn’t." - Linda Burgess, Landfall




"Award winning author Charlotte Grimshaw is a wonderful descriptive writer... This is a complex read, in which the author touches on many modern issues, brining them together in a gripping novel which has enough mystery to keep the reader guessing until the end. " - Booksellers NZ


" a writer she is constantly reworking the narrative of her life into fiction and questioning the nature of truth and reality...Grimshaw's dialogue expertly captures the hidden patterns of everyday conversation, and she evokes mood and place brilliantly, from a rain-lashed, wintry Auckland to stifling heat in central London... Following her can be a confusing journey, but the high quality of Grimshaw's writing makes it worth the effort. " -  NZ Herald 


"Mazarine is an ambitious novel, if only because it is being asked to bear an awful lot of weight. Only a writer of Grimshaw’s ability could pull it off: she is an effortless prose writer, a superb manager of narrative." - New Zealand Books Quarterly Review


"I hate to say it, but perhaps Mazarine is a women's book. The female preoccupations are revolting." - Celebrated old male publisher 



Starlight Peninsula

starlight-peninsula-cover"The other thrill of [Grimshaw's] books, and Starlight Peninsula in particular, is the craft of their storytelling. Watching events unfold in Starlight Peninsula, from both inside and outside Eloise's understanding, is an extremely exciting experience. Her real-time reflections of Simon Lampton as they discuss the death of Eloise's ex-partner provided me with some of the most thrilling and nail-biting reading I've done." – Metro Magazine

"Conspiracy, duplicity, notoriety, ambiguity, agony, loss, romance and catharsis: Starlight Peninsula charts all the thematic complexities of its predecessors, while offering the kind of astute political and psychological mystery which can be read as a standalone work for readers unfamiliar with Grimshaw's previous books. Stunning...her prose sparkles." - Dominion Post Weekend

"Starlight Peninsula. It's so, so clever." - Radio New Zealand Nine to Noon

"Starlight Peninsula is at its best when it makes its reader uneasy; it is discomforting, often challenging and always brilliant." – The New Zealand Listener

"Charlotte Grimshaw's mind is a delightful thing. Her ability to seamlessly develop minor characters from prior novels and reimagine real-life events is brilliantly evident in this companion novel to Soon....Once again, Grimshaw has skilfully tackled this difficult genre to produce a well-crafted, intriguing story with expertly developed characters, beautifully described landmarks and cultural references Kiwi readers will easily recognise." - Australian Womens Weekly 

"Grimshaw has an impressive way of using very spare prose to construct atmosphere.... It's very well done... The character of Eloise is masterly." -ANZ LitLoversBlog

"I would read and treasure this book this book just for the portrait of Demelza, one of the great dragon mothers of fiction." - North and South


soon-book-cover"Grimshaw's writing never stands still. The narrative belts along, pausing just long enough for characters to tie themselves into another bunch of knots. She has a wickedly accurate ear for the banalities of dialogue and the jargon of power plays. She's excellent at rendering an entire history or relationship through one scene... The force, the clarity, the relentless peeling away of pretensions, and the utter authenticity of geographical/social/moral settings keep it engrossing and convincing. Definitely a novel that puts your coffee in danger of cooling while you read."
- The New Zealand Herald
"Full of delicious political and social satire." The Daily Mail UK
"Grimshaw's fictional world, full of weather, nature, animals, is created through precise, poetic description."
- The New Zealand Listener

"This is a truly riveting novel." - Toronto Globe and Mail

"Soon is a sly, masterly novel." - Malcolm Forbes, Literary Review UK

"One of the ten best summer reads." - Red Magazine UK

"An efficient, coolly poetic tale of Auckland's glitterati...darkly comic - paced like a classy thriller, it slips down as easily as the Hallwrights' dirty gin cocktails." - The List UK

"The story is told largely in dialogue which, along with its continuous action and limited locations, helps give Soon the feeling of a play. It ends, all too soon, with a conclusion that both surprises and provides a wonderful circularity to round out the theme of the past's persistence in the present."
- North and South

"Extraordinary. Clever, scathing and intriguing. Soon is a bold, brilliant, biting satire on wealth and pretentiousness, and the present political situation in New Zealand."
- Carole Beu

The Night Book

the-night-book-cover"Charlotte Grimshaw is writing some of the smartest fiction around." - Philip Matthews, The Dominion Post

"I rate Charlotte Grimshaw as the most important, significant and arrestingly talented of our middle year writers. I finished The Night Book with regret and am now delighted that she is continuing some of its story lines." - Christine Cole Catley

"A brilliant take on society. The Night Book's got so much going for it; narrative drive, pace, suspense and beautifully controlled seamless writing… Quite brilliant." - Nelson Mail

"This penetrating novel treads perfectly the divide between fact and fiction." - Sunday Star-Times

"A swiftly-paced, complex novel… We can look forward to seeing where Grimshaw goes from here." - Otago Daily Times


singularity-cover"Singularity is further evidence that Charlotte Grimshaw is the most interesting young writer of fiction in New Zealand today." - The Dominion Post

"She is a master with mystery, very contemporary and astute... Her language is relaxed, spare and perfect." - Jane Campion in The Guardian

"Grimshaw's vivid descriptions...are a joy." - The Times Literary Supplement

"One of the most accomplished and gripping short story collections in some time... believable, multi-layered characters who spring fully formed form the page." - The Glasgow Herald

"Stylistically, Singularity is stunning. Grimshaw's pose is crisp, elegant and richly descriptive... Most importantly, whether taken together, or in single serves, these stories are page-turning reads." - The New Zealand Herald

"Full of subtle and suggestive links. Charlotte Grimshaw is a stunning writer... Throughout, Grimshaw's control of language is exquisite and almost painfully acute." - New Zealand Listener

"It's official. Auckland's Charlotte Grimshaw is one of the best short-story writers in the world." - The Weekend Press


opportunity-cover"One of the most gripping books of short stories I've ever read... Grimshaw's imagination and vision is astonishing. Her prose is spare and amazingly expressive... a book to read compulsively and re-read for its subtlety, penetration and sheer brilliance." - Writer's Radio, Radio Adelaide

"A darkly glittering achievment." - The Dominion Post

"A writer with impressive command of style and subject... It's riddling and rewarding. Appreciate its skill. Acknowledge its depth." - The New Zealand Herald

"Beautifully crafted, colorful and hard to keep to yourself. A sense of detail, vividly narrated, gives the whole book a richness that belies its simplicity of structure... Never heavy, always one step ahead of the reader in terms of black humor and unexpected outcome, Opportunity deserves to be read aloud." - Capital Times

"Charlotte Grimshaw just keeps getting better and better." - Next

"The best Charlotte Grimshaw stories combine her unflinching eye with real emotional insight." - New Zealand Listener

Foreign City

foreign-city-cover"She is terrifically good at building cities out of words." - The New Zealand Herald

"Smart and readable, Foreign City not only cements Grimshaw's already considerable reputation, it marks her out as exceptional." - The Dominion Post

"A swarming energy pervades every page she writes... her descriptive writing has always been of the highest order. Most of it would work just as well as poetry." - New Zealand Listener

"Grimshaw builds enormous narrative power through her use of structure, which keeps us guessing, concentrating hard, to the last page." - Herald on Sunday

"Like Dickens, Grimshaw makes characters of her cities. Her evocation of the British capital, especially, is superb." - New Zealand Books